Nether Den

Updated 3/05/2019

Here you can see what projects I am working on as well as their current stage of development. This page will be updated as progress occurs. Items are made as singles, batches, or made-to-order.


  • Wolf "Wall Totems" [prototype] - in progress, 20% finished

Realistic Animal Masks

  • Coyote [single] - needs repairs, coloration and finishing touches
  • Fox [single] - underskull has hinges & eyes, needs jawsets
  • Rabbit [single]- has fur & hood, needs species jawsets created
  • Vampire Bat [single] - has fur & hood, needs species jawsets created

Art Dolls

  • Plush-style Doll [prototype] - design phase
  • Articulated Doll [prototype] - design phase


      • nothing in development


        Please check the feed at for the most recent progress updates on upcoming art, prosthetics restocking and more!

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