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1) Do you take commissions on masks or prosthetics?

No, I do not take commissions on these items.

Regarding my pre-made masks, I can do limited customization on a purchased mask for an additional fee, dependent on the requested changes. Prosthetics may also be slightly customized for a fee (i.e.- a different color than what is offered) upon request, and must be made to order which would take extra time. Please inquire *before* you purchase any item you plan to have customized.

The only items I will take commissions on are additional costume parts to match a purchased mask, made to order for the customer. These include handpaws, tail, sleeves, feetpaws, and (coming soon) bodysuits.

2) How much do your masks usually cost?

My masks start at $950.00 USD and include Priority USPS shipping (with tracking & insurance) within the USA. I am willing to ship internationally but there may be an additional fee depending on the location.

3) Any chance I could get a discounted/free mask or prosthetic?

My prices are firm and I will not haggle them lower. I already sell my masks a few hundred dollars less than other makers of similar quality. I also try to sell my prosthetics as inexpensively as I can. Any "discounts" are determined before I post an item for sale and by me alone - not upon request - and would be due to a quality issue of some kind that would be disclosed in the item description and reflected in the reduced list price. In regard to "free" items - no, definitely not.

To be absolutely clear, I do not discount or give away art for "exposure" or because someone cannot afford it. Any requests of this nature will be denied.

3) Do you do trades?

It depends on the trade. I have no interest in masks or suits. Things I would consider (off the top of my head): certain blanks I don't already make, replica or real skulls, replica or real horns or antlers, leatherwork... Feel free to inquire. 

4) Do you sell raw or prepped blanks, jawsets, pawpads, claws, etc. or an incomplete mask that I can finish myself / have someone else finish? 

No. I only sell completed, finished items - no exceptions.

5) Why don't you accept PayPal?

I no longer accept PayPal payments under any circumstances due to the recent increase in "chargeback" scammers and the unwillingness of PayPal to increase seller protections, which can be devastating for a small business like my own. Many other small artists have been severely burned by this issue and PayPal is not doing anything about it, so I (like other small sellers) am boycotting them. That said, please ask if you are absolutely in need of an alternative payment method besides what is offered and I will try to work something out with you.

6) Is tracking provided on my order?

If it is domestic then tracking will be included automatically. I use USPS for all of my shipments because they have good prices and I've never had a damaged (my experience with UPS) or lost (my experience with FedEx) package with them. That said, if you are an international buyer and you desire tracking on your order, you will have to specially request tracking at checkout; I will have to use a more expensive service and you will be responsible for paying the extra shipping charges before the item is mailed out.

7) Do you have a warranty on your products?

All of my items are guaranteed to be free of defects in craftsmanship and materials for a period of 45 days. Any problems found within that time will be fixed for free and buyer will be reimbursed for return shipping. After 45 days, any needed repairs from normal wear and tear will cost a modest charge. Extensive repairs are also possible, and the cost will vary according to the damage.

8) What is you return policy?

I currently do not have the financial ability to accept returns. Be sure you are committed to an item before you purchase it, especially if it is something with a high value such as a mask.


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