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Below, you will find the links to official Nether Den social media accounts. The Twitter account is my primary update account and includes both major and minor updates. The others are for major updates only. These accounts are all monitored, so if you write a question or comment, it will be seen. Note: the official email or "contact" form is the absolute BEST way to get in touch.

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E-mail Newsletter

There is a signup for the newsletter (via MailChimp) on the right side of the website.

Newsletters are sent out only to notify of major updates, which are mainly the posting of a new type of item for sale in the webstore. This is a great option for those of you who don't use social media often or at all and would like a personally delivered heads-up on new stuff as well as a fair chance at purchasing OOAK items, such as masks or art dolls. A newsletter update will be always be sent out before a social media update, so be sure to subscribe if you are extremely interested in an upcoming OOAK item and would like to know the moment it is made available to purchase.

I do not send spam of any sort and you may, of course, unsubscribe at any time.

Online Galleries

I only check/update these when I have completed projects to add, so any messages or comments left will often not get a response for weeks or even months.

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Please check the feed at for the most recent progress updates on upcoming art, prosthetics restocking and more!

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