Nether Den

March 5, 2019 Update:
Prosthetics: have finally been restocked a bit! I will crank out another batch next month. They are available here and will also be available to purchase in person at CoastCon in Biloxi, MS, this coming weekend.
Art Dolls: The first batch of Gurrpiks (aka goblin frogs) are also done and will be added to the webstore this week.
Decor: I am working on a new project I have dubbed "Wall Totems" and the prototype for that will be done this month. The first batch will be wolves.


Nether Den Studio currently specializes in latex prosthetics and realistic animal costume pieces. The studio is owned and operated by Tara Carter, a make-up and special effects artist based in New Orleans. From a young age, she was fascinated by the world of special effects makeup and creature creation, especially puppetry. The work of Jim Henson Creature Shop and Stan Winston Studio were (and continue to be) a major influence on her interests and style.

After graduating from Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts with special recognition for concentration in the arts curriculum, Tara went on to achieve a BA in Fine Art from Tulane University. Seeking a more specific education, she attended the Complete Programme at Complections International Academy of Make-up Artistry (now known as CMU) in Toronto, Canada. Equipped with this knowledge and training, she returned to New Orleans in the autumn of 2011 and landed work through 2012 on a television episode and three independent films. Local film/tv work gradually moved to Atlanta, so she founded Nether Den Studio in January 2015 as an online art business.


Please check the feed at for the most recent progress updates on upcoming art, prosthetics restocking and more!

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