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4-inch Wild Elf Ears

$ 10.00

These elf ears are my own design and are intended to be an alternative to all of the “pretty” ears on the market which usually lack any detail whatsoever. These are perfect for LARP (which is what I use them for) since it is very easy for others to tell your race from a distance. My original goal was to make ears that would poke up through my hair even if I wore it down. The details are reminiscent of folded leaves and would be a good choice for tribal elves, forest fey, or even goblins.

We recommend pros-aide as the best adhesive to attach prosthetics, but spirit gum will also work. Following attachment, use liquid latex to blend the edges of the prosthetic to your skin. Match the color to your or your character's skin color using cream or powder make-up.


Your order will be shipped once your payment clears to our bank (usually 3 business days) We use USPS Priority shipping, so within USA takes 2-3 business days (including Alaska & Hawaii). International orders usually take 2-3 weeks to arrive. Do not use this product if you have a latex allergy.

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