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Latex Na'vi Avatar Blue Ears for Headband or Wig

$ 10.00

These are a pair of blue latex ears, which are anatomically accurate to the proportion and shape of Na'vi ears from the movie "Avatar". The color is not painted on; the latex is colored blue before the ears are cast.

Please note: These are NOT ear tips! They are not meant to fit over human ears. Na'vi ears sit at a different place on the head than human ears do. These ears are meant to be attached to a headband or wig at the proper height and placement in order to be screen-accurate, with the headband or wig serving to cover your real ears (see 3rd image)

There is a "Neytiri" version of the right ear available (see 2nd image), which was made to include the gauged hole of Neytiri's ear ring. If you would like the "Neytiri" version of the right ear paired with the normal left ear, please select it in the "Ear Pair Type" option.

Your order will be shipped once your payment clears to our bank (usually 3 business days) We use USPS Priority shipping, so within USA takes 2-3 business days (including Alaska & Hawaii). International orders usually take 2-3 weeks to arrive. Do not use this product if you have a latex allergy.


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