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Latex Tail - 33 Inch Length - Plain or Blue w/FlexFoam Filling

$ 50.00

Length: 33 inches from base to tip, hangs 30 inches down because of curvature
Material: Latex, tuft is faux fur
Color: Plain or Blue
Filling: FlexFoam
Description: This tail is nearly accurate to the proportions of the Na'vi tails in Avatar, while accounting for real-world variables. Strong enough to hold itself up in the proper shape, yet flexible enough to move (wave, bounce, etc.) realistically in response to the wearer. It can be attached directly to the skin with spirit gum or pros-aide, or it can be incorporated into a belt or other costume piece for ease of wear. This tail is also great for other kinds of costumes since other colors are available, such as for LARP or certain cosplay species.

There are no stripes, dots or markings of any kind painted on. You may use skin-safe, non-silicone makeup or acrylic paint to match any markings on your skin or costume. The tail includes a faux hair tuft at the end, but if you do not want/need the tuft then you may pick the "none" option when you order and Shopify will reduce the price.

We recommend pros-aide as the best adhesive to attach prosthetics, but spirit gum will also work. Following attachment, use liquid latex to blend the edges of the prosthetic to your skin. Match the color to your or your character's skin color using cream or powder make-up.
Your order will be shipped once your payment clears to our bank (usually 3 business days) We use USPS Priority shipping, so within USA takes 2-3 business days (including Alaska & Hawaii). International orders usually take 2-3 weeks to arrive. Do not use this product if you have a latex allergy.
NOTE: If you want a tail with a tuft and they are sold out BUT the regular version is in stock, please message me and I'll make a tufted version from a normal one for you!

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